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There’s a heaviness surrounding women today. More do than when I was growing up the women of today are heavy…. And no I’m not talking overweight, women are overloaded with everything. Momhood, wifehood, domestic goddess, career, duty, responsibility, soccer moms, lunches, house work… it goes on… Relate? Right. But there’s probably a little more to it than that, Women feel guilt. With everything they do this thing called guilt driven by perfectionism seems to be the biggest boulder of all around their necks. But why? I know my mother did not feel this kind of guilt when parenting me and me?… Well I felt guilt because I had something to feel guilty about! But no seriously… today women are feeling a different kind of guilt that is affecting their lives and the lives of their children that it’s turning into shame and hiding behind all sorts of ways to cover it up. Where is this coming from? Does she have something to feel guilt and shame about? Or is this something else? Perhaps a much deeper problem that’s standing in her way?

                                                                    My name is Nadine Steele                                                                   For over 20 years I’ve worked in the field of addiction as a Certified Counselor and am an expert in my field helping men, women, and families find recovery and their purpose. I specialize in counseling and coaching women find their purpose. Their way. And their lives again. Do you ever feel like you’re the only one? Well you’re not. There are so many of us suffering from addiction, codependency, relationship issues, family issues, trauma related to addiction, divorce, domestic violence, women’s issues, spiritual disconnection.  We suffer in silence from feelings of loss, out of control, emptiness, poor parenting, confusion, rejection, abandonment, fear and guilt! There’s that guilt again. We are lonely, angry and tired! Oh we’re so tired! But we gotta push through cuz dinner’s not gonna make itself! Well I want to know you can find safty and healing here. Through compassion, understanding and guidance and I wanna help you let go, find your beating (not bleeding) heart again and discover your soul. 

Nadine Steele

                                      CADC-II, NCIP, NCAC-I NCRC-II

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