December 12, 2018 Webmaster

Christina T

I met Nadine in March of 2008. I had just turned myself into jail and was awaiting the start of the Riverside County Drug Court program for which Nadine was the primary women’s’ counselor and a Behavioral Health Specialist. I had just pled guilty to 14 felonies and really had no intention of changing anything but new I was in deep. My adolescent life and into early adult hood had been characterized by heavy addiction and many failed outside attempts to change me. In the time immediately precipitating drug court I had become involved in a criminal lifestyle which in addition to my addiction had become addictive.

Within 5 minutes of meeting me Nadine did something no one else had ever done in my entire addiction/ behavioral health history. No one had ever called out that my father was my chief enabler or called me out for the years I had spent taking advantage of him. Within that first five-minute interview Nadine saw right through that dysfunctional dynamic and told me that if I was to get the opportunity to do drug court it would be initially entirely without my father. I would have to, for the very first time in my life, do things COMPLETELY on my own. This was pivotal to my growth. I believe with all my heart that my work with Nadine over the next almost three years had a profound effect on my deepest self which enabled me to have a complete change within my soul, mind and spirit.

Her dedication to facilitating the work she saw that I needed to do coupled with my willingness at that special time provided me a chance at a true spiritual awakening. I was reborn and had a second chance at life. I had never had anyone pull my covers so hard and expose my truth to me like she had. It was tough work, tough enough to change the course of my life forever.

Since 2012 I have worked in the field of commercial real estate. In 2014 I obtained my real estate license and have had all my felonies expunged.

I learned how to be a good daughter and now the tables have turned, and I am able to care for my father who is currently 91 years old.

My story of recovery does not get shared without mention of Nadine. She is a main part of my foundation and I will forever hold her in the dearest part of my heart.