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Lisa 7/8/2011

July 2011, little did I know that this was going to be when my life as I was living it was going to change forever. Strung out on Meth and a long trail of crime I was on the worst run of self destruction I had ever been on. Looking at what could have been 18 years in prison God saw fit to give me another chance. He sent me Nadine Steele. For being such a petite lady this woman is Mighty. She broke me down from all the toxic and destructive thinking and behaviors I’ve had since I was a child,  to rebuilding me back up into a woman who can deal with and face any circumstance, emotional storm, crisis and relationship issue that comes my way. I NEVER have to turn to any drug, pill, or drink to numb me anymore. I was extremely hard inside, set in my ways, and I lied and manipulated every situation to my benefit. I have no idea what Nadine saw in me or HOW she did it but I’m FREE. Free from the bondages of childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence abuse, relationship heart aches, guilt and shame from the hurt and pain I caused my children and family, and FREE from drug addiction. I owe Nadine Steele my Life without her ……… I cry still every time I think what my life would be like without her. All you have to do is TRUST HER JUST A LITTLE and she will do the rest, she will love you until you learn to love yourself. I’m Lisa and I’m a grateful addict clean date 7/8/2011.