What Is Our Mission?

Steele Recovery is an Addiction Counseling and Coaching service
designed for those wanting help for addiction or
just trying to find a light at the end of the tunnel.
This is not therapy,
However, if you’re looking for an experienced plain-talking professional,
with an understanding but direct approach, you’ve come to the right place.
Every session is geared toward guiding you through your barriers
to help you accomplish what you seek.
Whether you’re living with the insanity of addiction,
experiencing the heartache of a break-up or you just can’t seem
to move forward,
we are here for you.
We believe, that every problem has a solution,
that it’s not what happens to you
but how you respond to it,
and that every soul was,

Born on purpose for a purpose

Steele Recovery's Vision

Our Vision at Steele Recovery is expanding to reach men, women, and families across America and beyond by many Coaching modalities. We foster hope to the broken through guidance and lead them to God’s healing and walking alongside as they discover freedom and purpose…

One Soul At A Time


About Steele Recovery

Founded by Nadine Steele, Steele Recovery is a Counseling and Coaching Service designed to address issues by helping individuals discover freedom and purpose. We offer an alternative to conventional treatment that provides personal and private sessions to meet your immediate needs in times of crisis geared towards healing. There are a variety of Coaching modalities you will go at your pace, growing and learning root causes that keep you from moving forward and changing your life.

Nadine specializes in issues surrounding: