Divorce/Break-up Coaching


It feels like a death. The thought of beginning again with someone new, is as far away from your mind as the planet Mars. But, do not become bitter! When you’re ready to put things into perspective, there is much to process before starting a new relationship.

Take time to review what went wrong. Going through a break-up is so incredibly painful, but if you choose, that pain can be used as a tool to learn from. And if you do decide to learn from the mistakes of the past, not only can this be the best teacher you’ve ever had, but you will go on to ultimately be a better person because of it, which will, of course, create a space for happiness and love again. Don’t give up on yourself.

Love is a choice, so choose wisely. Breaking up IS hard to do, but it can be your best teacher! It’s time to unpack.

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