What is the difference between an Addiction Counselor, a Coach and a Therapist?

  • An Addiction Counselor works with you to focus on root causes of addiction and helps you process trauma that relates to addiction while providing recovery tools to break old patterns and habits on the road to sobriety.
  • A Coach focuses on setting and attaining goals and helps you to find and remove obstacles on your way to success.
  • A Therapist focuses on treating mental health issues both long and short term delving into the psychological impact of trauma and other related issues.

Why would I seek help for my addiction from one Counselor in stead of going to a Treatment facility?

Excellent question! In you recovery journey there are many ways to you seek help. Our non-traditional setting and focused attention can provide you with an intimate way to find the support and guidance you need as you ease your way into you New Normal.

Can my family join me in Addiction Counseling?

Absolutely! Addiction is a family disease that effects not only the addict, but everyone. Family involvement is not only welcomed, but an essential part of the process of recovery.

The family that recovers together, stays together.

What sort of issues can I work on with my Counselor or Coach?

  • Addiction
  • Spirituality
  • Divorce
  • Women’s Issues
  • Recovery
  • Fears
  • Domestic Violence Aftermath
  • Relationships
  • Boundaries
  • Poor decision making
  • Anger
  • Adolescent-Teen-Paren
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • And much more


Steele Recovery is a fee-for-service company. A flat per hour/day/week or month fee, plus expenses. This service is to confront the real-life situations the addict faces after treatment in real time to assist her in how to make it through the rough times each day confronting the triggers or issue, sober. Our rates are reasonable and affordable. Calculating expenses paid to date while in addiction in drugs, alcohol, loss of property, job, living expenses, time, detox, treatments etc.… and consider doing the opposite for your or their recovery. We ask ourselves what we could afford if we or a loved one needed to help, therefore, we make services affordable and work with each client to ensure that expenses are kept as reasonable as possible, tailored to each client’s needs.

Our service is for Women Only therefore a female Sober Coach will be assigned. We based our service on what works and has evolved as real-world results dictate our best practices.  In addition, though we categorize our services in an effort to efficiently deliver them, each client’s unique situation will determine the services we recommend, how they are delivered.

Please contact us  @ 909-219-2589 for a 20 minute consultation to begin a new and sober life.