Life Coaching


Life Coaching 

Not everyone needs therapy, but some just need someone to talk to that can help them get unstuck.
Life Coaching helps you to discover clarity and identify what blocks you from achieving what you want to accomplish. It helps you to connect your head and your heart by seeing negative patterns & mindsets that interrupt your progress and prevent you from becoming who and what you want to be.
We focus on the present and future and only look to the past to discover what makes you stuck so you can change it and move forward.

Find your true purpose and transform your passions & dreams into reality.

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    *** For Those Concerned with Stigma or Anonymity ***
    “We respect the privacy of all our clients, therefore, no Government agency, Board or electronic filing will monitor your behavior, track your progress or have access to any of your information. We are a private service. No reporting system of any kind shall be made and we will not share your information with anyone outside of Steele Recovery. We are bound by confidentiality laws and your privacy is paramount.”