Codependency also known as Relationship Addiction
Nobody likes to be called a codependent. But if you are one, it probably is causing some problems. Codependency can be a learned behavior passed down through generations and underlying dysfunction such as alcoholism, abuse, or mental illness. It is an emotional and behavioral condition based on control that affects an individual’s ability to experience a healthy, mutually satisfying relationship with anyone; especially those who are close to you.

Here are some things to look for if you are a Codependent.

Warning Signs: Lack of sleep, over-thinking, poor diet, stomach issues, headaches and migraines, ulcers, constant worry, high stress, which can lead to dangerous health problems such as; cancer, high blood pressure, poor boundaries, loyal to a fault, desire to care for others, trust issues

Emotional symptoms: Low self-esteem, people-pleasing, overly helpful, putting own needs last or not at all, needing to feel needed/wanted, denial, harsh self-judgment, placing a higher value on others than on self, fear of losing someone, strong resentments, not happy unless others are, life, bossy, seeking approval, emotional instability, minimization, rationalization, difficulty identifying feelings, passive/aggressive, avoidance, fear of abandonment, dependence.

The outcome: Family problems, relationship issues, perpetual arguments, severed relationships, hard time letting go, hard on self, obsession, poor communication, constant controlling of others, overthinking, misinterpretation, little to no personal care or personal care, attraction to people they can help or fix ie; addicts, alcoholics, those having problems, lives that need “fixing”, enmeshment, overwhelming fears.

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