Addiction Recovery


Our Addiction Counseling Approach

Providing an alternative to traditional substance abuse treatment to fit your needs. We offer one on one counseling with an experience Certified Addiction Counselor

Steele Recovery is created for women who struggle with addiction or sobriety, an alternative to traditional inpatient, outpatient or IOP treatment by offering one on one counseling in a private setting. This service meets the needs of women who fear the stigma of addiction and are not ready to face others in a group or go to a treatment facility. For working moms who can’t leave their children or families long term, working women who can’t leave their jobs and for those who have tried treatment multiple times and are ready to try something new. Or, for those who simply are not ready to take that step of leaving home, residential treatment may not be a workable or viable option for you at this time. You just may simply be more comfortable in an individual quiet setting.

This could be what you’re looking for.

 We provide client centered private daily or weekly session to fit your individual need. Client centered care designed to assist you in discovering root causes to your addiction. Services are provided by a State Certified Substance Abuse Counselor with over 20 years of experience in the field of addiction and recovery. These include:

  • Weekly individual counseling sessions on addiction issues, processing feelings, finding root causes to addiction and goal setting.
  • Drug Education
  • Daily accountability
  • Daily or Weekly goal setting and much more

Utilizing various methods such as; CBT, Living in Balance, Relapse Prevention, Motivational Interviewing, addressing abuse related to addiction and alcoholism using “Beyond Trauma- Healing journey for women in addiction and abuse,” 12 Step concepts and more.

This service will be 30-90 days of one on one treatment with continuous sobriety that is stabilized with heathy functioning. Recovery management will be evaluated to move into Recovery Coaching meeting the needs and challenges of life after 90 days clean and sober that integrate you in your new normal.

All counseling is agreed on by both client and counselor. NO confrontations. No court cards. No surprises. Just two people willing to get down to work and help you recover.

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    *** For Those Concerned with Stigma or Anonymity ***
    “We respect the privacy of all our clients, therefore, no Government agency, Board or electronic filing will monitor your behavior, track your progress or have access to any of your information. We are a private service. No reporting system of any kind shall be made and we will not share your information with anyone outside of Steele Recovery. We are bound by confidentiality laws and your privacy is paramount.”