December 8, 2018 Webmaster

Andrea B.

To whom it may concern: my name is Andrea, I am a recovering addict, April 30,1996 I was a client in a recovery center . As I set in the front office a lady walked up to me introduced herself Nadine Steele letting me know she is my counselor. I wasn’t a compliant client , I thought I knew everything, an I just needed to rest an I will be ok . I would meet with Nadine along with others that was on her caseload. I didn’t want to talk or listen at the others with issues . But after several caseload meetings I begin to drop my walls , I begin to trust Nadine , which I never had trust for any female.I had several one on ones with Nadine. I open up to her an no one will ever know how much those one on ones allowed me to feel free of all the life tragedy’s I had experienced, I know if she hadn’t taken the time to listen an never judge me what my life would be at this moment.

I really appreciate her ability to take the broken, the shameful an guilty,an show you a new way to live life on life terms ,She recommended women groups , grief an loss , relapse prevention, an to get a sponsor. Nadine allowed me before my 90 days to get a job. An I had mandatory CA,NA,AA meetings she explained that they were important to my recovery. An to this Day with 22 years of continuous sobriety I still attend meetings as recommended. Through the good an bad days I refuse to let life or my best thinking take me back to that dark place I lived in for so long . I’m forever truly grateful to have had Nadine Steele for my counselor.