December 13, 2018 Webmaster


My experience with addiction started a long time ago.  37 years of my life was wasted to drug addiction. I tried several times to get clean, but the drugs always called me back.  Finally, at age 52 – I simply got tired of all the work it took to keep up the addiction and to stay out of jail.  I got tired of seeing the hurt in my kid’s eyes and missing special occasions.

When I was sitting in jail for the last time, the court offered me a choice – either spend 2 years in prison or complete a program for drug rehab. I chose IROC drug court which is where I met Nadine. She assisted me with my family issues and now I have the best relationships with my family.  Today, 7 years clean and sober at 59 years old – I am happy to report that drugs could never take me away from all the happiness I enjoy.  I believe in a God that provides for all my needs just for the asking.  I follow a 12-step program that keeps me connected to my sobriety.  I am currently in my internship program to become a certified drug and alcohol counselor. Anything is possible now!!