December 14, 2018 Webmaster

Deeana S.

I recently celebrated 4 years of recovery and can honestly say that if I hadn’t received the counseling I got my first 18 months of my recovery I would not be writing this.  I got to experience life changing counseling with Ms. Steele and her services through the IROC program.  When i came into the program December 2014, I was lost and very broken.  I had lost everything that meant anything to me. I suffered from drug addiction and was going through a grief process.  It wasn’t until I got honest with myself and others that I began to recover.  I remember Ms. Steele telling me through one of the sessions that it’s that one thing that you don’t get honest about that will take you back out and that is was when I realized I wanted to stay clean and sober and stop hurting my loved ones by my selfish actions! I was able to move on with my mourning the loss of a loved one.  I had counseling before IROC program and had released the balloons twice into the sky and still no healing until this one session Ms. Steele had and I got to the root of my grieving process.  I was able from there on out to be able to talk about my loved one and not break down crying.  I was able to move on.  I thank my God for putting the IROC program into my life and that I got the opportunity to be under the counseling of Ms. Steele.