December 15, 2018 Webmaster

Diane P.

I had the opportunity to spend two years with Nadine. That experience was the hardest, most rewarding time of my life. I hated myself and the disgusting life I had created. I was filled with false pride and grand stories of what a “tough chick” I thought I was. Nadine had her hands full with me, to say the least. I had built so many walls to cover my guilt and shame of poor decisions. I was a mess. Nadine broke down all those walls. She broke me. GOD knew what I needed, and who I needed in my life at that moment. It was her. She REALLY cares. She taught me what boundaries are and how to set them in my life. She taught me how to trust another woman and how to be a friend. I will FOREVER be grateful. She is an amazing woman. I would recommend any woman that is searching and ready for a healthy life-changing experience to contact her. You’re worth it! Remember ladies, you are wonderful and beautiful; Blessings to you all!
Your Sister in Recovery