December 9, 2018 Webmaster


Walking into drug court 10 yrs ago was not a decision of mine, I had no idea how broken I was, or how addicted I was to drugs and alcohol. From my experience I realized today what I didn’t know then, and that was I needed tough love, when I met Ms. Nadine I never expected her to be the one to hold me accountable and to lead me to look at myself for who I really was, and that was a lost and lonely Lil girl deep down, she taught me what it was I did to seek unhealthy validation to what I had not gotten when I was a child, she taught me the difference between toxic and real love, I have never met a woman so passionate, caring and loving about her work, Ms. Nadine has a way to make one dig deep down inside there soul and look at what’s real, and what’s an illusion. Ms. Nadine gave me the tools I needed to make life’s choices, to be a productive member of society! I have the utmost respect for and up to this day I still look to her for guidance, thank you Ms. Nadine for all you done and continue to do and that’s love me till I was able to love myself.