December 7, 2018 Webmaster


My name is Sherri sobriety date is 4/4/2011 i was addicted to meth and heroin. I was arrested in Feb 2011 and thought for sure i was headed to prison again . It was a miracle i was accepted into the drug court program where i met my counselor Nadine. I figured “I’ll do this program to stay out of prison” but I really had no intention of staying clean and sober past the program. To my surprise Nadine taught me I didn’t need that stuff  and that i could be a productive person in society. she taught me how to be independent, how to be a wife, a mother, a daughter that was actually there for her family.  And soon now I’ll be a grandma who gets to be a part of my grand daughters life. Most important Nadine taught me how to stay clean and sober even when life gets tough. I’ve lost my son my mom, dad and brother and managed to stay clean because of the tools i learned from Nadine.  Couldn’t have found a better counselor. I’m very blessed to have been in her program.